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About Upset Universe

Upset Universe Productions is a Modesto Area Volunteer Filmmaking Group. Our goal is to create a large filmmaking community in Modesto.

We pride ourselves on our family friendly content in a world where such content is growing harder and harder to find

Steven Joseph

"I'm a local Emergency room nurse and I got into this hobby to learn more about Filmmaking, Editing, and just to have some fun! I'm committed to learning more of this craft and am willing to share my knowledge. My favorite assignments are Writing and Editing."

Adam Gundlach

"I have always had fun making videos with my family, but never had any training or knowledge of making quality entertainment. By working with the Upset Universe team I have been able to further my knowledge in cinematography. My favorite assignments are acting, prop making, and filming."

Stuart Joseph

"I'm a local student who got into this whole thing because I really enjoy editing videos for our school's newscast. My favorite assignments are Editing and managing our various Social Media accounts and online presence, Listed at the bottom of the page"

Aimee Gundlach

 "Upset Universe takes their projects very seriously and try their absolute hardest to make things perfect. I have loved watching their visions become realities with their hard work.  I hope to make many more projects with Upset Universe in the future!"

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