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My My Econoline Journey Begins Here.

It was 1964 and I was only 2 years old. My Dad saw the Ford Econoline Spring Special at a local dealership and had to have it. The Spring Special was Poppy Red, had a special trim package that included a lot of chrome and the Falcon inspired body trim and wheels. This package was not mass produced. There usually was only one available per dealership. My Dad got the one in Harvey, IL. He instantly made it his own. While I really don't remember it that much because as the family grew the need for a van grew he ended up trading in his Econoline truck for an Econoline van. I am told that a small folding chair was set up behind the passenger seat and that is where I sat. Back then the owners name had to be painted on the side of all trucks

and since my Dad was a member of Civil Defense he added a light bar and siren onto his prized possession. Like my Dad, my Mom was always very fond of this truck. She remembered it years later after my Dad passed away and she remarried her second husband, Don..n,Don was looking for a project truck and the Econoline Truck was one that both he and my Mom could agree upon. They found their fixer-upper in a field in Oregon. Now, I need to give you a bit of background

on both my Dad and my Step-dad. They were both in the Navy. My Dad as a fireman in Guam during the Korean Conflict and my Step-dad was in the Navy as a mechanic. A skill that he carried out to retirement. Don worked for years as a Ford mechanic and then later in life repairing school busses. This was going to be a piece of cake for him. However after only a few years of tinkering, Don suddenly passed away. I decided that I wanted to give my Mom some extra money while keeping Don's dream alive for this truck. So, I bought it thinking that it couldn't be that much different from the Volkswagen Bugs I used to fix in my youth. I was wrong. The truck was in far worse condition that it appears in the pictures and my plans for it were soon to take a completely different route.


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