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Proud Owner of an Old Econoline

My Step-father, Don owned the Truck for a few years working on it here and there. He really was the mechanic. Having worked on Ford's nearly all his life, this was going to be a breeze. Unfortunately, Don passed away before he could finish. As I said before, I decided to buy the old truck from my mom. I knew that it would need some body work but until I had really dug into it, I had no idea how much. It had sat out in a field for some time and Don had removed a lot of the

paint. The primer that he placed on it was showing signs of rust underneath. A nasty dent on the side of the truck looked rusted through as well. The tailgate was the worst part though. It had done very poorly over the years. Rusted through on the bottom portion and the top ridge had over a eighth of an inch of bondo flaking off. The truck bed was rusted but sound. Problem was... there were large holes in it that appeared to have been punctured through. I began to search out

resources for these rare guys but there's not much out there. Aftermarket is nearly dead for the Econoline. I did connect with a bunch of guys who do restore the old vans and trucks and over all they have been a great help. But realistically, these are hard to restore. I began to buy up parts as I found them. I scoured junkyards for the carcasses of old vans to pick over, and learned as much as I could about these old beasts of burden. Turns out my truck was a government purchase. And when the

baby blue paint was stripped away there was a dull battleship gray underneath. That made me smile. It meant that my truck served in the Navy. Just like my Dad and my Step-dad. They would have like that. Next... Dissassembly.


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