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And welcome to our new website! We hope that you're enjoying yourself, and we are hoping to produce more videos soon! In the meantime, we've cooked up a game for you! It's called Beta Testing  I mean a scavenger hunt! Given that this site is in an early iteration, we want you to go looking for any bugs that may crop up.

If you find any, just shoot us an Email at info@upsetuniverse.com and we'll get it patched up! For every bug that you report, you will get one point! In two weeks time whoever has the most points will get a free box of puppies! I have been informed that I am not allowed to give out boxes of puppies as prizes, so you will get our runner up prize, a blog pos

t that we write in honor of you. 

Thank you all for your time, and we hope that you stick around.


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We launched our brand new Gallery today, and ave posted our first batch of Photographs. If you would like to purchase any of the photos with the Watermark removed, shoot us an E-mail at Upsetuniverse@

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