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Who was Sergei Eisenstein

Who was Sergei Eisenstein?

Many of you have no doubt seen today's Google Doodle. It's one of the cooler Doodles in recent history. It commemorates Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein's 120th Birthday, although he isn't around anymore, his influence remains. The much loved montage, allowing filmmakers to condense long segments of time into a short period of time was introduced to the cinema mainly by Sergei Eisenstein and other Soviet filmmakers.

Eisenstein created what he called "Methods of Montage":

  1. Metric Montage; Cutting a clip to an exact measurement, regardless of what it contains.

  2. Rhythmic Montage; Cutting clips as according to their contents, This is the most common form of montage, with each clip planned out in advance.

  3. Tonal Montage; Cutting clips as according to the emotional tone to highlight feelings in sequences.

  4. Overtonal Montage; Cutting by Tones and Overtones, this one is extremely abstract, and not often used.

  5. Intellectual Montage; Cutting clips around an intellectual concept

Eisenstein created 31 movies in his 65 year long career, and his montage has influenced more films than one could hope to count.


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